The Project

Green Energy Water Well is a partnership project for development, that will be carried out at Banekane, a village of 2000 inhabitants in Cameroun, a few kilometres away from Bangagnté.

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A water well will be drilled and a submersible water pump will be implemented. The water pump will be supplied electrically by solar photovoltaic energy.

Seminars about the functioning of the installation will be offered and managers will be selected for its maintenance.

Taps will be installed and there will be a manager at every tap to ensure the correct distribution of the well’s water.

The inhabitants of Banekane will create a board of management which will establish an affordable price of water for everyone.

Students of Université des Montagnes will inform the people of Banekane about the responsible use of drinking water and its importance.

The collected money from the water will be used to pay the technicians and mostly  for the repair and maintenance of the facility.

Goals for sustainable development

Fair and universal access to drinking water

This goal will be reached with the drilling of a drinking water well for the inhabitants of the community at an affordable price for all. As a result, Banekane’s people will be able to self-manage the whole system which will be autonomous and sustainable.

Equality of opportunities at every level

The women’s association « Les Divas » in Cameroun will collaborate intervening as appraisers of the project. The women’s group will be encouraged to take part in the board of management of the well’s water and to participate actively all along the execution of the project.

Youth and the future of the country

The participation of young people in this project will prove to the community the value of their acquired skills and then will impact the contemporary university youth.

Affordable and clean energy

The installation of solar photovoltaic panels will produce the required energy for the functioning of the system. The usage of photovoltaic systems to obtain clean energy in isolated locations will be promoted through seminars to students of l’Université des Montagnes.

With the collaboration of


Green Energy Water Well is composed by 4 students from l‘Escola d’Enginyeria de Barcelona Est of Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and Cameroonian students from l’Université des Montagnes de Bangangté (UdM).


Energy and Mechanical Engineering student


Energy Engineering student


Energy Engineering student


Chemical Engineering student


Renewable Energy and Climatic Engineering students


Renewable Energy student

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