At Green Energy Water Well we count on the collaboration and the economic support of several entities that back the project.

An entity devoted to the international cooperation among Spain and countries of South America and Sub-Saharan Africa for the improvement of children’s quality of life.

At the sphere of the international cooperation, the city council opens annual announcements so that the local entities may find the necessary funding to carry out the initiatives of their projects. These projects are evaluated by the Municipal Council of Solidarity and International Cooperation and the best are subsidised

It is a company that provides software, platform and infrastructure as a service,as well as cybersecurity coverage. Annually, it collaborates with non-profit entities to execute projects of cooperation for the sake of children.

The Centre for Development Cooperation is a unit of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) that coordinates UPC’s programs of development cooperation and social volunteering. Part of the contributions that this unit makes are thanks to La Campanya 0,7%. This campaign lets the students to make a voluntary contribution through the payment of their tuition fees. Likewise, the university personnel can contribute through their payroll.

It is a pharmacy located near Rubi’s Municipal Market, which is committed to people’s health and to charitable projects.